Montana Water Specialists

About Us

MONTANA WATER SPECIALISTS is a Montana family-owned-and-operated business based in Northwest Montana.  We specialize in providing  experienced and Montana-certified Water System Operators for small to medium-sized water supplies and water distribution systems. Multiple certified operators are available for the operation of systems in a manner compliant with Federal clean drinking water regulations, as well as State of Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulations. We offer a full spectrum of services to small system such as Homeowners Association Water Systems, rural public facilities, such as restaurants, campgrounds and commercial facilities.

Montana Water Specialist has its historic beginnings in the early 1970’s with my first training and experience in “Water Systems Operation and Compliance”.  I achieved formal certifications for all four available certification classes (A,B,C and D) through the State Training and Certification Program. I then worked for a City-County-State Environmental Health Department, where I specialized in water quality issues and the training of Water System Operators in the proper procedures and practices for delivering safe dependable water to consumers. Over the years I have continued to work as a full time professional in the fields of water quality issues, Water Rights and their beneficial uses for human consumption and other multiple use applications.

We offer you Certified Water Operators with formal Montana Department of Environmental Quality Certifications for the professional operation of water supply and distribution systems. And we offer services to individual homeowners with their own wells.  For a complete list of the services we offer, go to the “Our Services” page.  Then contact us directly by email at or call us at 406-249-4997 for further information and a courtesy proposal to show how we can provide you with the required services you need – – and provide them at the lowest cost possible.

Thanks for your time and attention.  We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Lamont Kinkade – – Senior Water Specialist and State Certified Water System Operator

We have dedicated much of our time to Training, Education and getting Certified to best serve Northwest Montana as your one stop shop for Water needs

  • Montana Water Law Conference participant (2018, 2017, 2016, 2013)
  • University of Montana training in Water Rights as part of Real Property transactions
  • Montana State University training events in Water Issues & Practices
  • Montana DNRC training and certification as a Water Commissioner/Water Mediator
  • Formal Mediation training, certifications and experience
  • Montana DEQ training and certifications in Groundwater Issues
  • Montana DNRC formal training events in evolving Water Rights Issues
  • Multiple Montana DEQ training events on a variety of water-related environmental issues
  • 3 years Chairman of the NMAR “Subcommittee for Water Issues”
  • Participating member of the MAR “Water Rights Working Group”
  • Presented testimony on Water Issues before the state’s Water Policy Interim Committee (WPIC)
  • Presented testimony before the Natural Resources Committee of the Montana legislature
  • Thirty years of advanced Continuing Education as a licensed real estate Broker
  • Earned four nationally recognized certifications, namely  GRI & CRS
  • Successful completion of hundreds of Water Rights related transactions
  • Over two decades of experience in Water Rights related “Issue Resolution”, as well as the marketing, sale and purchase of Water (with and without the appurtenant land)
  • Completed service in US Navy (1962-1966) Honorable Discharge
  • Graduated University as a Business Administration Major (1968 – Bachelor Degree awarded)