Services Available for Community Water Systems (HOA, etc.)

Services Available for Community Water Systems (HOA, etc.)

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that a community water system be under the responsible supervision of a State Certified Operator. We are available to fulfill the following duties and responsibilities for you.

Services required for all Community Water Supplies (per County Health Departments, MT DEQ and USEPA).

– Overseeing all required aspects of water system operation, and monitoring

– Perform required testing and disinfection of water mains

– Keep water system plans up to date

– Prepare the required “Operations & Maintenance” (O&M) Manual

– Monitor and operate well pumps and pressure tanks

– Properly collect and transport water samples for required routinely scheduled testing

– Supervise treatment and assure proper monitoring, testing and control of the system

– Test, clean, disinfect and ensure equipment and facilities are protected from corrosion

– Monitor pump motors to detect unusual noises, vibrations, and excessive heat or wear

– Supervise the repairs and the overhaul of pumps, motors,  and control valves

– Safely handle, store and utilize treatment chemicals and on-site equipment

– Maintain safety records and prepare required written reports

– Troubleshoot and correct minor electrical and mechanical equipment problems

– Monitor for hazardous atmospheres in confined spaces and correct problems

– Facilitate the required safety and compliance inspections

– Post safety rules and provide safety training

– Communicate effectively with owners, employees, regulatory personnel

– Respond to water-related events and system emergencies

– File annual “Consumer Confidence Reports” required by Montana State Regulators

Additional Accommodating Services may also be available:

– Clean and disinfect storage tanks as required

– Routinely flush and clean water mains

– Inspect, adjust and clean the pump seals, packing glands, and clean mechanical seals

– Provide cost estimates and suggest budget future needs

– Perform efficiency tests on pumps, wells, and other equipment

– Field water-related complaints and resolve user issues

– Discuss with water users their water-related concerns or requests for information

– Issue “Health Notices” (Mail, email, publish) as required

– Conduct non-routine and/or unscheduled testing or sampling

– Other Water Systems Services as requested by Owner by separate authorization