Montana Water Specialists

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The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that a community water system be under the responsible supervision of a State Certified Operator. We are available to fulfill the following duties and responsibilities for you, including Certification of Adequacy of water services to comply with mortgage lender requirements.

Services required for all Community Water Supplies and some specialized water supplies (per County Health Departments, MT DEQ and USEPA).

– Overseeing all required aspects of water system operation, and monitoring

– Perform required testing and disinfection of water mains

– Keep water system plans up to date

– Prepare the required “Operations & Maintenance” (O&M) Manual

– Monitor and operate well pumps and pressure tanks

– Properly collect and transport water samples for required routinely scheduled testing

– Supervise treatment and assure proper monitoring, testing and control of the system

– Test, clean, disinfect and ensure equipment and facilities are protected from corrosion

– Monitor pump motors to detect unusual noises, vibrations, and excessive heat or wear

– Supervise the repairs and the overhaul of pumps, motors,  and control valves

– Safely handle, store and utilize treatment chemicals and on-site equipment

– Maintain safety records and prepare required written reports

– Troubleshoot and correct minor electrical and mechanical equipment problems

– Monitor for hazardous atmospheres in confined spaces and correct problems

– Facilitate the required safety and compliance inspections

– Post safety rules and provide safety training

– Communicate effectively with owners, employees, regulatory personnel

– Respond to water-related events and system emergencies

– File annual “Consumer Confidence Reports” required by Montana State Regulators

Services required for some Specialized and Individual Water Supplies