Montana Water Specialists

For Lenders, Borrowers & Homeowners

Our services include:

  • We properly collect and transport the requested water samples to a third-party certified laboratory for testing
  • We track your sample through the testing process and keep you informed of the progress
  • We advise you of the results of the laboratory test as soon as we have them
  • We prepare documents certifying the laboratory test results
  • We email the certification package to whomever ordered the sampling
  • We inspect your well and pressure tanks for “adequacy” if requested
  • We provide formal “Certificates of Adequacy” for lenders if requested

Occasionally a test result returns from the laboratory showing a cautionary contamination, or a more serious E. Coli contamination. In that uncommon event, we explain the available options: you may choose to decontaminate and disinfect the well with certain chemicals yourself, or if you prefer, we may also provide the following services at your request. The choice is always yours to make.

  • We may perform required disinfection of your water source
  • We may supervise treatment and testing if needed
  • We may test, clean, disinfect and ensure equipment and facilities are working properly
  • We may provide the required re-sampling and certification
  • Other Water System Services as requested by separate authorization

Just a reminder – We do not sell any water purification equipment. We provide a menu of professional and objective services from which you choose those that meet your needs.