Montana Water Specialists

Reports & Consulting – Our Available Services

When you are preparing to sell or to buy any property with water.

  • Buyers (and their Lenders) will expect full and detailed disclosure regarding Water.
  •  Likewise, Sellers are well-advised to fully understand and document what water-related assets they possess, and are willing to include in any sale.

We can provide:

  •  A Level-One narrative summary of Water-related issues for a subject property
  • A Level-Two written evaluation of water issues and rights with documentation
  • A full written Level-Three “Water Report” for the subject property, including documentation of a chain of title, an assessment of available volume and rate of flow, practical viability, the basis for validity, mapping and photographing of existing Point of Diversion, Points of Application, infrastructure, testing for quality, potability, and a summary of conclusions and professional observations about all relevant aspects of the property’s water-related elements.

Whether you are selling or buying property needing initial, or additional water, an evaluation of the potential sources and a plausible plan for obtaining water will both make the property more valuable and demonstrate the property’s potential for a buyer’s future intended uses.

We can provide:

  • An initial consultation regarding the property’s water prospects
  • A letter outlining our assessments of the property’s water issues and envisioned possibilities
  • A detailed plan for the ultimate pursuit of any needed Water Rights
  • A full “Water Consultant’s Report” covering all relevant elements of the property’s potential for obtaining Water Rights, including supporting documentation and reference materials.

As always, we will be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate of costs for only the services you want and need.

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