Montana Water Specialists

Water Testing

Why should you get your water tested?

Because you can’t tell what’s in it by tasting it, smelling it or looking at it.  You want to be sure you are serving safe water to your family and others from your private well.  If you are served by City water (in Kalispell or Bigfork, for example), there are water operators already responsible for testing the water.  However, if you are enjoying a more rural setting, your well water may contain some surprises that could impact your health, the quality of your food, your landscaping, etc.  and testing is the best way to check it out.

Why should you get your water tested by a Montana DEQ-Certified water specialist?

Because a Certified water specialist has made a commitment to special training and knowledge to provide sampling and testing that meet a higher standard. Sampling procedures are specific, taken at your convenience, and delivered to the laboratory for you. The certified well water test results are documented and provided to you in an understandable form that satisfies your need to know.

Specifically our documented well water test results will meet the sampling and testing requirements for FHA and VA/ loans as well.

Don’t guess – get a water test!